“Hi there! My name is James Ellis, I’m an enthusiastic digital designer with a bunch of fresh ideas. Over the last few years I’ve built a skill-set intended to help me create digital experiences which engage people with content in memorable ways. I enjoy learning new software, take great pride in the work that I do and would appreciate your consideration!”


Hilton College, Hilton, KZN

January 2012 – December 2016

National Senior Certificate

Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, Stellenbosch, WC

January 2017 – December 2019

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication

The degree included: practical application of various design programs involved with app design, web design, game design, graphic design and animation as well as a variety of theory subjects centered around the humanities, culture and philosophy.

Work Experience

Farm Hand at Valley Mac, Hilton, KZN

January 2017 – July 2019 (vacation work)

I completed two and a half years of informal part time employment working on a macadamia farm and handled manual and logistical tasks such as maintenance and labor transport.

Multimedia Design Intern at Jellyfish Digital Marketing, Durban, KZN

June 2019 – July 2019

I completed an internship at the global marketing company: Jellyfish and was responsible for completing the relevant multimedia design tasks involved with ongoing campaigns.

*Some of My Interests:
-Home Brewing

My Skills

Take a scroll through some of my areas of expertise self-ranked into video game style skill bars for your convenience. Please note that like any good gamer I am constantly working to add new skills to my arsenal as well as improve the scores on my current skills.

Web Design.


I regard web design as my primary skill. I make sure to take a responsive design approach to everything I code and I’m very familiar with the principles of SEO. I enjoy troubleshooting code snippets and find there isn’t a greater sense of satisfaction than that of making a butchered piece of code work smoothly.

css & scss
Shopify & WooCommerce

Motion Design.


Cell Animation


2D Animation


3D Animation

With video becoming more and more important in regards to how people engage with content I made motion design a priority to learn. I’m able to animate in the three main categories but I would primarily consider my self a 2D animator. I’ve created product videos, brand explainer videos, story driven animations and social media animations such as logo animations.
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Adobe Animate
Adobe After Effects
Cinema 4D

UX Design.

I've come to realise that how a digital platform feels is equally important to how it looks. Good UX feels like those online videos of people cutting clay, completely satisfying, and I try to keep that in mind whenever I’m working on a website or prototyping an app.

Adobe XD

Graphic Design.

Ok cards on the table I only took graphic design for 6 months, however as a multimedia designer I like to think that graphic design is an integral part of anything I make and would consider it to be one of my key skills, I enjoy playing with typography and layout and enjoy working with the minimalist, constructivist and retro-futuristic styles the most. Adobe Illustrator is probably the tool I’m most comfortable with using, I’ve created corporate info- graphics, social media banners, UI icon sets, Logos and dabbled in some game asset design.

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Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign

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Curriculum Vitae



Age: 21and a 1/2
Education level: Bachelors Degree
Current Position: Likes to say he’s a “freelancer” but actually just unemployed.

Expertise in:
web design, motion design, ux/ui design, graphic design & illustration.


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